Filipa Peixeiro (b. 1985) is a keen observer. At the studio, on set or on the road, she applies a calm and focused approach. She watches carefully, listens and examines before she acts. When taking portraits of people, she aims to capture their full being, their essence, which requires on her part a sensitivity and an open mind—all attributes that Peixeiro not only displays as a photographer but as a person, woman and mother. It is the seemingly negligible things that tend to catch her attention: an intuitive movement of a protagonist, a ray of light suddenly appearing, a gust of wind rushing through the leaves or the ephemeral compositions that the urban landscape reveals so effortlessly. Peixeiro sees these things and captures them for us, always mindfully. Raised in two cultures, languages and social contexts, the Swiss-Portuguese photographer brings with her an inherent understanding of intercultural competence. At the studio, on set or on the road, Peixeiro is driven by a desire to be useful, to create community and to engage in meaningful collaborations.

Studio Filipa Peixeiro
Atelier Narrato
Werdstrasse 109
CH - 8004 Zürich


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